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How does cramping occur?

Athletes deal with muscle cramps all of the time, especially endurance athletes. Cramping is caused by a lack of water and/or electrolytes. We sweat out a balance of water and electrolytes. Athletes that just replenish water through exercise will actually deplete electrolytes in their system causing dehydration to occur. Another cause of muscle cramping is muscle fatigue.ย More specifically, it's when very small muscle fibers called intrafusal fibers that give our nervous system feedback about the length of our muscles fatigue that errant signals can be sent to the spine causing a reflex response that sparks an uncontrollable cramp. Dehydration causes fatigue, muscle weakness, cramps and to the extreme kidney failure. That is why we have 850 MG of electrolytes per 16oz of water. 750mg of that being from Sodium & Chloride which is one of the main electrolytes we sweat out. We want to have a balance between water and electrolytes to be hydrated to perform at our peak! The goal is to delay the fatigue by staying properly hydrated and fueled up! Check out Hydro Power here!

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