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The Science Behind Our Formulation


Let's dive into the science behind Hydro Power's formula. Our goal is to help athletes like you reach new heights and perform at your best!

This amazing formula was created with the help of nutrition experts who know exactly what your body needs when you're pushing your limits. We built Hydro Power with the latest science in mind to help endurance athletes (like Motocross and MTB) perform their best.

Now, let's break down what's in Hydro Power and why it's so awesome for you:

  1. Carbohydrates: Think of carbs as your body's fuel. When you're running, biking, or swimming for more than an hour, you need 60-80 grams of carbs each hour to keep your energy up. Hydro Power has a smart mix of glucose and fructose, which is the fastest way your body can turn carbs into energy. We put 39 grams of carbs in every scoop of Hydro Power, so with two scoops each hour, you're hitting the perfect amount of energy!

  2. Sodium: Sodium is like a sponge that attracts and holds water, helping your body stay hydrated. It's essential for your brain to work right, and it helps your nerves send signals and your muscles contract. Plus, it helps your body absorb glucose and water so you can perform at your best. Each serving of Hydro Power has 750mg of sodium to keep you from cramping and help your blood carry oxygen more efficiently.

  3. Potassium: This is the main positive ion inside your cells. It's super important for keeping your heart beat regular, helping your muscles work, and letting signals pass between cells. Since you lose potassium when you sweat, we've included 82.5mg in each serving of Hydro Power.

  4. Calcium: Your body uses calcium to build strong bones and teeth, transmit nerve signals, clot blood, and contract muscles. It also helps your body make energy from fats and amino acids when you're exercising for a long time. We've added 75mg of calcium to each scoop of Hydro Power.

  5. Magnesium: This mineral is crucial for your nerves and muscles to function right, for a stable heart rate, for blood sugar control, and for building bones and teeth. It's also part of over 300 biochemical reactions in your body! Each serving of Hydro Power has 24.31mg of magnesium.

  6. Vitamin B: These vitamins help your body turn the food you eat into energy you can use during your workout. Plus, they help keep your nervous system healthy and boost your mental abilities. Vitamin B3, in particular, is important for high-intensity workouts.

  7. Vitamin C: Not only does Vitamin C help protect your body's cells from damage, but it also supports your immune system, helping you stay healthy and recover faster from workouts. It's especially helpful for reducing inflammation caused by training.

In short, Hydro Power is more than just a drink; it's a scientifically designed fuel to help you perform at your best. It provides fast and long-lasting energy, helps avoid muscle cramps, delays fatigue, increases stamina, and sharpens your mental clarity. We want to give you the best tools to outdo your competition!ย 

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