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Athlete Support: Ambassador and Affiliate Program

Save 10% plus get access to our Safer and Faster VIP Affiliate Athlete Program!

⚡ How do you help your fellow endurance athletes? Tell them to ride safer and faster with Hydro Power! 

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Safer and Faster Riders save 10% on every order! Plus automatically get signed up to our affiliate program. You do not have to participate on the affiliate side if you don’t think Hydro Power was for you- or, if you just don’t want to. 
 ⚡Get 10% off every order!
 ⚡Help us choose the next flavor!
 ⚡Get early access to products before the general public can get them!
 ⚡Earn when you post about Hydro Power!
 ⚡Help shape the future of Hydro Power!
Here is how our Ambassador/Affiliate Program is making riders safer and faster plus earning money for our ambassador riders!
1. Place your customized url link to a free link service like
2. Place that as your link on Instagram, Tiktok, or whatever social media you prefer.
2. Post about Hydro Power!
3. Watch sales come into your dashboard and earn!