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In 2021, endurance athlete, Garrett T. recognized, first hand, that the nutrition and hydration options available to endurance athletes were inadequate and were leading to muscle cramps and fatigue. He knew that staying hydrated and energized is crucial for an athlete in training or competition.

Seeing the need and challenges for endurance athletes to be the best they can be, he created HYDRO POWER.

Garrett T. says: “The demands for endurance athletes are quite high and by testing many other products, we came up short for an answer that checks all of the boxes. We needed something that hydrates us efficiently and energizes throughout intense training and racing.”

Recognizing the void in the market for the ideal endurance supplement, he consulted with Elena Yorgason, a professional Cross Country mountain biker, a registered dietician and sports nutritionist to help formulate HYDRO POWER.

Garrett T says, “With Elena’s expertise in sports nutrition, we researched the right hydration and electrolyte formula that would be best for endurance athletes. Using the latest in sports nutrition research as well as our combined expertise and experience in endurance training, we came up with Hydro Power.”

“Hydro Power is now the premier endurance supplement on the market, having the optimum amount of carbs, sugars, electrolytes and vitamins to fuel, to hydrate and perform your best! Our formula provides immediate energy, eliminates muscle cramping, increases stamina, delays fatigue, increases mental clarity and performance confidence!”. Check out HYDRO POWER here!