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Why do we have Carbohydrates in our Endurance Fuel?

Why do we have Carbohydrates in our Endurance Fuel? Hydro Power

Having carbohydrates in our Endurance Fuel is imperative for optimal performance for aerobic events lasting longer than 1 hour. From our scientific research, we have found that we need 60g-80g of carbs per hour up for up to three hours of training. The goal is to keep your glycogen storages filled up, so you have the maximum amount of energy. Your glycogen storage is your main energy source and it is built by carbohydrates. With our 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio, it is the fastest way we can digest carbs and convert them into energy. Glucose from maltodextrin is a hard-hitting carbohydrate, while fructose is a longer lasting carbohydrate because it is derived from fruit. With that mixture, it ensures smooth energy throughout. We have 39g of mixed carbs per scoop to maximize your performance! With our recommendation of 2 scoops per hour you hit the target of 79 grams of carbs per hour. Check out our Endurance Fuel here!


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