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How To Fuel Properly

Endurance Fuel: How to Fuel up with Hydro Power


For best results, drink a scoop of Hydro Power with 16oz of water 30 minutes before your race or training event. See the chart above for our recommended fueling schedule. The # of scoops all depends on the length of the race or training session. Don’t be afraid to adjust the water ratio to fit your needs.

When carrying capacity is limited, we recommend creating a concentrate. You will want to consume the same 1 scoop per 30-minute requirement, but you can adjust the amount of water based on your carrying capacity. Mix the recommended amount of powder with however how much your water pack can hold.

We recommend fueling your training as if it were a race to make sure your strategy is dialed in before race day. Don’t be afraid to adjust the water ratio to fit your needs.

If you have any questions, we’re always here to help, so shoot us an email at if you have questions and, as always, consult your physician for medical advice.

Hopefully, our mixing recommendations helped you develop a fueling strategy to push you to your peak! Check out HYDRO POWER here!

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