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Better Than Liquid IV?

Better Than Liquid IV? Hydro Power

 Overview: Liquid I.V. is used for someone that is hungover and is not made for a motocross or off-road athlete. It doesn’t have nearly enough carbohydrates. Hydro Power is made to push the motocross/off-road athlete to greater lengths. Hydro Power has 28 more grams of carbohydrates compared to Liquid I.V. That means more energy to replenish what has been lost during training to push you further.

Why do we have more carbohydrates than Liquid I.V.?

Nearly all sports drinks are carbohydrate based, but not all carbs are equal. We here at Hydro Power use a complex carb called maltodextrin and a fruit sugar called fructose. Much of the energy that we use during endurance sports comes from consumed carbohydrates that are converted into glycogen and stored in our muscles.

We have found the best way to replenish your energy(muscle glycogen) by having a 2:1 Glucose to fructose ratio. With that ratio, you utilize two transport systems by maximizing your energy uptake compared to the competitors. The first transport system is called the SGLT1. It is used to absorb glucose from the gut to the bloodstream. The second transport system is called the GLUT5. Its sole job is to transport fructose, so if you’re not consuming fructose then you’re not using the GLUT5 transporter… it’s like have an additional fuel line and not using it.

Liquid I.V. uses 11 grams of cane sugar, while we have 26 grams of complex carbs coming from a non-gmo rice called maltodextrin. We choose 26 grams because of the 2:1 Glucose to Fructose ratio. Cane sugar that Liquid I.V. uses is a simple carb and impacts the blood glucose right away but causes you to crash just a bit after using it. Hydro Power uses a fruit sugar called fructose. It is a complex carb, so it doesn’t make you crash at all!

The bottom line is that Hydro Power dominates the competition by maximizing energy uptake by mixing Glucose and Fructose together. 


      Why do we have more Sodium than Liquid I.V.?

From our scientific research, Sodium is the electrolyte that is most lost in sweat. That is why we have over one and a half times the sodium compared to Liquid I.V. hydration. We need to replenish our sodium to increase blood volume, so you have a better cardiovascular system, better stamina, better endurance, and better recovery from training. Hydro Power helps facilitate glucose and water absorption by optimizing the amounts of sodium to perform your best.  


Why do we have 63 MG of Potassium?

Potassium is critical for intracellular rehydration. It is also used for regulating heartbeat, muscle function, and neuron transmissions. We have 63 MG of potassium based upon athletes sweat rates in the most recent studies.


Liquid I.V. has no calcium or magnesium and are crucial for hydration, muscle contractions, and nerve impulses. Our amounts of calcium and magnesium are based upon the most up to date sports nutrition research. The bottom line is that we need to replenish our electrolytes to minimize arm pump, muscle cramps, and fatigue.


We use water soluble vitamins to help push athletes further. Once we’re topped off with our vitamins, we no longer utilize them. That is why we have a certain ratio of vitamins in our Hydro Power. We calculated based upon the number of scoops a racer would use in a day. Vitamin C is used for immune health and plays an important role in slowing down processes that cause cell damage in the body. Vitamin B3 has been proposed to increase the performance in high-intensity activities that demand the appearance of great moments of strength. Vitamin B6 is used for converting the foods we eat into energy our bodies can use during training. Vitamin B12 is needed in order to produce and maintain your blood cells, nerves, and DNA. In summary, Vitamin B is used to increase performance for an athlete by converting food into energy and maintaining a healthy


Hydro Power has the right amount of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins to replace lost electrolytes and to optimize your performance. Hydro Power dominates Liquid I.V. by having an industry leading formula to mitigate arm pump, increase endurance, eliminate muscle cramps, and increase mental clarity to perform your best! We have the perfect carb ratio to ensure you won’t have an upset stomach. Our goal is to give the athletes access to industry leading formulas to push them further and to get a leg up against the competition! Hydro Power also tastes amazing! Liquid I.V. is made for someone hungover, not a motocross or off-road athlete. Making it the best hydration drink for motocross and off-road athletes. Check out HYDRO POWER here!


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